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WildGuarder Trail Cameras Strategies for Postseason

WildGuarder Trail Cameras Strategies for Postseason

So, Christmas has actually occurred, the yearly ATA (Archery Trade Association) Show mores than and also your deer period has most likely come to a close. So currently what? Well, don’t put your path electronic cameras away just yet. Although the whitetail open season might be over (or near to it for the majority of locations) you can still find out a whole lot about the bucks in your area.

Much more particularly, whether or not they lived to see an additional year. When it comes to the late-season path cam utilize one element that will increase your chances of gathering one of the most data; food. Here are some WildGuarder trail cameras strategies for the postseason, wish it could work.

Back To Food Sources

Like the early part of the period, deer will certainly change their focus far from breeding and also back to food. Between awful climate and the roughness of the rut, deer are aiming to put on as much fat as feasible in order to make it through the lengthy, tough wintertime that awaits them. Electronic cameras put near late-season food plots or supplemental feed terminals will certainly see lots of action. As well as, with hunting pressure coming to a close deer will slowly start to feed near these sources outside the cover of darkness. This indicates even more daytime images. This is one of the most important WildGuarder trail cameras strategies.

Locating Buck Rubs

Locating rubs that deal with the food source shows that the buck made the rub as he left and also started heading back to his bed linen areas. While dollars aren’t actively rubbing trees during the late/post-season they can still be utilizing the same routes. The only means to know for certain is to set up a route cam someplace close by.

Attempt establishing cams along greatly utilized tracks, pinch points, and also field edges and afterward work your way backward. Just bear in mind that you are residing on borrowed time due to the fact that as soon as the bucks shedThe DeerLab Heat Map over plainly shows where a buck we call Slick often visits. Utilizing this info can aid establish his bedding area as well as travel routes during different times of the year as well as can go a long way towards picking better stand places as well as putting a tag on a particular dollar the following year.

Hints for Shed Hunting

Along with situating dollars that may have eluded you during the season, path video cameras positioned throughout this time of the year can additionally disclose whether or not those dollars have begun to drop their antlers.

This can be helpful details for somebody that takes their shed hunting seriously as it provides you the possibility to not only locate them before somebody else does however it additionally decreases the chances that squirrels or various other rats will certainly discover them prior to you either. For the serious shed seeker, absolutely nothing is extra special than a flawlessly matching set of antlers without damage. his antlers it will certainly be really hard to identify and also track him. Also, make use of the same aroma precautions you did during open season as a fully grown buck can not tell the difference between open season and also post-season.

Learn Buck Bedding Areas

Smart hunters can utilize multiple path cameras as well as track camera software program throughout the late-season to backtrack certain bucks in an initiative to situate favored bedding locations. WildGuarder’s Heat Maps for Bucks feature is an indispensable tool as it aesthetically shows you where a specific buck carries on your property over various date ranges.

Remember to Replace Batteries

If you are going to leave cameras out during the late/post-season then be sure to use the best batteries you can afford and the largest SD card you can find or pick up a solar panel. Trail cameras set up over food during this time of year will see a ton of action as deer will likely visit the spot during all hours of the day. A fresh set of batteries will ensure you don’t miss anything due to camera failure and the large SD card will carry enough space to last between camera visits.

Maximize your camera’s time in the field by giving it ample power and storage.

4G trail camera recommendation: WildGuarder Watcher1-4G

Our latest 4G trail camera Watcher1-4G is one of the most popular cameras in the market. It has excellent performance that supports sending 30s HD video and 20MP original image, which is not available in the other cellular camera, that is why we highly recommend it to you. Since its launch, WildGuarder series trail cameras have a good reputation in the customer base. Now, our R&D team has developed many new potential products, like night vision, rangefinder, etc. If you are interested, kindly visit our official website to learn more, any questions, feel free to contact us.


While the immediate post-season may tempt you to kick back and relax, don’t neglect the information that can be gathered during this phase of the year. Relocate trail cameras back to food sources with a fresh set of batteries and an SD card large enough to handle a heavy load of images and you might be surprised by what you learn.

And, while this information cannot be used immediately, opening day will be here before you know it. Armed with new intelligence, you will be a step ahead when the gate drops. Most often, that is all it takes to have a deer season to remember.

As always, please feel free to contact us on our Website or Facebook page if you have any questions. We promise to reply to your message as soon as possible, thanks for your reading.


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