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WildGuarder Trail Camera Placement Tips: How to put it in the right place at different times of the year?

WildGuarder Trail Camera Placement Tips: How to put it in the right place at different times of the year?

It’s obvious to deer hunters that as the period advances things change. Food resources, travel courses, available cover, as well as stand positioning (simply among others) all modification with the switching of the schedule. So why would certainly anybody assume it was an excellent concept to maintain their path electronic camera hanging in the exact same place year-round? They should not.

If you’ve made the blunder of leaving your WildGuarder trail cameras holding on the exact same tree from the opening day up until post-rut then it’s time to start considering the calendar and also designing a much better path camera strategy for different periods.

Please note this path cam positioning approach guide does not offer exact dates due to our worldwide customer base and the truth that every region is a bit various. Fire, also Northern and also Southern deer hunters in the States will certainly have different time timetables on when they relocate trail cameras however you get the point!

For Early Spring Trail Camera Placement Strategies

Even if you like to track springtime gobblers throughout this time around of year (and also who does not) you can still start your trail camera excursion. The only point required is a little attractant to obtain the sphere rolling. Essentially, this consists of one ingredient – salt.


Not just are minerals an excellent attractant yet introducing a trespasser into the location is a fantastic method to excite a dollar’s passion. This can be achieved with a licking branch as well as some all-natural, pre-orbital gland secretions.

As quickly as the fallen leaves begin to demolish the landscape buck antlers will start expanding and they will naturally choose salt and various other minerals. Does as well as fawns will also be brought in to these sites and catching them on camera is a wonderful method to establish the number of brand-new deer have been added to the herd in addition to how many does are in the location. This information will be very useful in a couple of brief months when the rut begins.

Doe bed linen locations or presumed big-dollar hideouts are great locations to start mineral sites in early springtime. Try to find pinch factors and also funnels that will certainly drive deer to your salt block and also eventually your trail camera. If you stay in farming locations after that field edges are a wonderful place to begin. Once traveling paths have been exposed you can always select to dive deeper right into cover and begin a brand-new mineral website so as to get closer to bed linens or staging areas.

For Summer Trail Camera Placement Strategies

By now your food story ought to remain in full swing. If so, a route electronic camera set up along the fringes would be an excellent means to capture that nocturnal buck who just hits the fields in the evening. In areas where baiting is lawful, trail cams could be established over bait so as to get the very same results.

In either case, food will certainly be the key driving force for deer motion so it just makes good sense to hang your trail cameras in locations where deer will certainly be feeding. Summertime is additionally a great time to take into consideration staking out a water resource with your trail cameras. Don’t dismiss the value of a central center of H2O in your searching location. Hang that electronic camera.

On a side note, this is likewise a good time to conduct a trail camera survey if you have a personal tract of land you will certainly be hunting on. We’ll save the information for one more blog post however we couldn’t admit this as it’s hands-down the best method to monitor your deer herd population. You’ll be able to approximate your deer thickness, fawn employment, sex ratio, the age structure of your bucks, as well as a lot more.

For Early Fall Trail Camera Placement Strategies

As I eluded to earlier, things transform. Those places that verified so great in early and also late summer season are currently proving to be various. This is merely due to adjustments in food and cover. Fallen leaves are turning as well as dropping as well as deer prepare to discover alternate food resources – like acorns!

Trail Camera Placement-3

Furthermore, testosterone is gradually starting to build in male deer. This causes a selection of behavioral adjustments that will inevitably transform deer movement and also discoveries. In order to keep up with these modifications, you have to move your trail cameras.

Food resources can change throughout the course of a period so end up being aware of all kinds; especially those that appear naturally in your hunting location.

Food can still be a hot ticket however bed linens areas, travel routes, and also staging areas are normally where you are going to locate a great deal of dollar motion. Several of the photos you capture will be in the daytime yet expect a big amount of them to occur under the cover of darkness. That’s simply the nature of the beast when you’re dealing with mature bucks.

However, you can’t formulate a master plan till you obtain confirmation a huge dollar remains in the area – day or evening. So begin by capturing the picture first, after that proceed.

Pre Rut/Rut Trail Video Camera Techniques

Things obtain stressful during this time around the structure as dollars relocate with negligent desertion seeking a warm doe. In the weeks leading up to the real breeding phase, dollars will certainly leave a bevy of the sign revealing their hostility and also intents. Seek that indicator as well as think about hanging your preferred trail electronic camera somewhere close by.

Trail Camera Placement-1

Once the actual breeding begins you can anticipate a drop in fully grown dollar activity as they are pushing does into more secluded areas to not just avoid the stress from other bucks however the assault of searching pressure as well. Your trail electronic cameras as well as treestands must be moved as well.

I such as pinch factors, oak flats, logging roadways, the secluded ridge leading saddles, field edges, as well as the edges of doe bedding locations or anywhere else the females gather. An electronic camera hung somewhere along with my entry and departure route suggests I can check it on days that I hunt without disturbing the dollars I am chasing before the hunt. This also allows me to decide if the location I am hunting is worth returning to or if I must pull up stakes and go on.

Post Rut/Winter Trail Camera Placement Strategies

Whatever old is new again as the urge to breed mores than as well as the emphasis once more shifts to food. And while you might want to maintain a few trail cameras hanging over staying food sources it would not injure to keep one in the areas you used during the rut. There is always the possibility that the buck you’re after hasn’t surrendered hope as well as is still looking for love. Just your trail camera will certainly tell you if that is the case or otherwise.

Additionally, this is a blast to conduct an end of the season or winter season trail camera study. With deer searching for food you’ll have the ability to obtain a tally of the dollars that made it via the year along with an understanding of your buildings deer density, dollar to doe proportion, age framework, and more. This info, much like the WildGuarder trail camera survey you ought to run in late summer, is critical to comprehending how you should approach the upcoming period.

Final thought

Activity is one of the most vital secrets to getting one of the most out of your route video camera. Readjust your route cam methods to match each stage of the whitetail period and you will certainly obtain a variety of expertise that will eventually lead to more loaded tags. The trick is locating a means to manage all of that path video camera knowledge as well as data. Once that happens, all of the items of the problem will certainly begin to form. Best of luck.

Trail Camera Placement-1

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