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Whitetails Hunting Tips: How to choose tree stand locations?

Whitetails Hunting Tips: How to choose tree stand locations?

Choosing a tree stand area is a decision that needs to never be ignored. There are a number of factors that can make or damage a brand-new tree stand location. When it involves investing hrs in one place awaiting a mature dollar to cross your course, there are manner ins which you can pile the chances in your support by incorporating several vital factors. Right here are my preferred 3 techniques for picking your following tree stand location.

Expect Intersecting Habitat Features

While one greatly trafficked deer tracks can be the ticket, converging tracks and also junctions of different habitat features are far more reputable for producing encounters. Topographical functions, environment constrictions, bog and woodline sides, food source as well as bed linens area locations as well as creek crossings are examples of great features to watch out for, especially when two or more can be found in the very same location.

The even more habitat modifications and functions you find in one location, the better. Among my favored stand area tactics for whitetails is to check airborne images for the convergence of several environment types. The even more varied and countless the attributes are that combine together in a single location, the greater the potential for deer activity.

Diminish Your Intrusion Into the Stand

A possible stand location will certainly never ever be successful if you can not access it without a reduced chance of terrifying deer while entering, exiting, or sitting in the stand. Take into consideration how you will access your stand place and also on which winds you can securely quest that particular stand prior to hanging it, as well as just hunt it when the conditions are perfect. Developing non-deer locations where deer will rarely bed or traveling is a great tactic for enabling you to access your stand without terrifying deer in addition to develop a location where you can allow your scent to blow right into with particular wind directions.

An excellent tree stand area with several merging environment features is pointless if you can not manage your aroma while you search. Hanging your treestand and also hunting it with the designated wind instructions that decrease the likelihood of deer being downwind is the # 1 way for practicing fragrance control. Regardless of what clothing, innovation, or cover scent you make use of, I’ve discovered that if a fully grown buck gets downwind of you, your hunt is likely over.

Don’t Sacrifice a Good Spot for a Good Tree

A great big, straight oak with sprawling branches for cover is what I visualize when thinking of a great stand place, yet let’s admit it, a couple of excellent spots come with the ideal tree. If you have discovered the best possible location for a stand based upon intersecting trails, a modification in habitat as well as concealed accessibility, yet it does not have an excellent tree, make something work! Don’t opt for a tree 40 yards off of the activity for a comfortable rest.

While you must never ever discard safety and security while being in a badly grown or tiny tree, you must do whatever in your power to obtain a treestand in one of the local sufficient trees that doesn’t compromise your gain access to, wind, or reliable variety. There are lots of fantastic base on the marketplace that can fit a few of one of the most jagged as well as twisted trees around. Maintain some in your toolbox for these occasions as well as you will certainly be compensated when you are hanging above the location, as opposed to sitting, waiting, and wishing when deer are skirting you just out of the array.


Choosing a tree stand location is one of the most exciting steps in preparation for deer season. The thought of a mature buck walking past a location you have specifically pinpointed can lead to sleepless nights. However, make sure that you don’t settle for stand locations that haven’t commanded the attention of habitat, access, use, and pinpoint the location.

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