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Top 7 Best Night Vision Monocular Reviews in 2021 – WidlGuarder Guarder1

Top 7 Best Night Vision Monocular Reviews in 2021 – WidlGuarder Guarder1

It’s incredible when you map the background of night vision modern technology as well as see not only exactly how efficient has actually become, yet exactly how small night vision systems are nowadays. Early German night vision required a backpack to power it, yet contemporary night vision is small sufficient to affix to a safety helmet and also wear before your eyes– or simply keep in your hand.

The gadgets I’m speaking about are called night vision monoculars, as well as they have actually transformed the night vision industry. They are the norm with military forces and have actually become preferred with hog hunters, preppers, and police officers.

Today we are going to check out why the night vision monocular has actually become such a pressure multiplier. We’ll information what a monocular does, as well as give you some of our preferred versions.

Top 7 Infrared Monoculars of 2021: Outdoor Empire Reviews

1. Armasight Spark CORE night vision monocular

night vision monocular-1

If you’re aiming for a monocular that offers a clear photo at a certain budget plan, you’ll be happy for the Armasight Spark CORE. If you have actually never looked for an NV monocular, this model might appear costly. However, it is actually budget-friendly particularly given that this model is created by a popular as well as a well-respected brand.

This is a first-generation (Gen 1) optic so it still has some limitations of the technology. It requires substantial ambient light, and also an IR illuminator is an outright must for cloudy evenings.

Armasight settled this by developing an important IR illuminator in the device. They boosted the Gen 1 design with their CORE (Ceramic Optical Ruggedized Engine) technology. CORE intensifier tubes take Gen 1 tubes to the height of their efficiency.

2. ATN NVM14-2 night vision monocular scope

night vision monocular-2

As we start nearing professional-grade optics, we struck Gen 2+ models. This Gen 2+ monocular provides individuals a 54 lp/mm resolution that is perfect for searching, browsing, and limited obligation. It’s additionally clear enough for close-quarters use.

These designs are a superb concession in between efficiency and also expense. Night vision is costly, but not impossible to obtain. The ATN NVM 14-2 verifies that. It’s priced at half the ordinary price of a Gen 3 tool as well as supplies equivalent performance!

This version is by far the most effective monocular for the money. It’s not the least expensive, but it’s one of the most inexpensive in the age of night vision. Particularly when you compare apples to apples. Generally, the ATN NVM14-2 is a wonderful selection and gets you right at peak or expert grade.

3. WildGuarder Guarder1 best night vision monocular for hunting

Designed to fit perfectly in one hand or in a standard-size pocket, Guarder1 ensures a comfortable grip and handling, as well as easy carrying. The compact design also makes Guarder1 the perfect thermal imaging monocular for scouting and hunting

The GUARDER1 uses an infrared-sensitive CMOS sensor and a micro LCD screen for its night vision capabilities, A built-in IR illuminator provides an effective night vision range of up to 350M’. The screen displays color images during the day, and black and white when the night vision is on for great clarity and contrast.

High-quality lens materials, 5X digital zoom and 6X optical magnification, powerful telescope function. Built-in infrared LED,850NM Illuminator enable observe target is totally dark condition and the range up to 1150 ft/350m. Our 6x 50mm Equinox Z model allows for up to 1000 feet of viewing distance using the infrared illuminator assist beam.

Open the infrared system positioning the viewing target quickly, it can reach up to 350m when no light and distance can be extended when it is under weak light.

4. Night Owl Optics M4X Marine

night vision monocular-3

If $500 is a bit too much, you can go cheaper. This Gen 1 device is limited but can be useful. It is a fun unit for casual use and for nighttime exploration.

The Night Owl Optics M4X Marine is the perfect optic for recreational use. Right off the bat, I’ll be honest and say it is not the best for tactical or for dynamic hunting, but it’s great for hunting small pests.

The 4 in M4X stands for four power, so you have an acceptable magnification range that doesn’t have much bearing on image quality. It produces 35 lp/mm and has a manual focus.

  • Resolution: 35 lp/mm
  • Magnification: 4x
  • Angular FOV: 14 degrees
  • Weight: 14.5 oz

This is impressive for a night vision device. The M4X is perfect as a beginner monocular. It is also affordable enough for most people to own.

5. ATN OTS-HD 640 digital night vision monocular

night vision monocular-4

ATN’s OTS-HD 640 is a digital night vision monocular that contains all the bells as well as whistles you might desire from such a device.

It has a thermal sensor with a 640-by-480-pixel resolution to provide your night vision without an infrared illuminator. It can display this photo in red-hot, black-hot, or white-hot settings, depending upon your choice. Keep in mind that the sensor is 640 by 480, but the display resolution is 1280 by 720.

The OTS-HD series is available in 4 ranges: 1x-10x, 1.5x-15x, 2.5x-25x, as well as 5x-50x zoom. Only the base magnifying level is an all-natural picture, however. The greater zooms are digital, so you’ll obtain some pixelation in the picture. It’s a smooth zoom, however, without actions.

The OTS-HD collection can take an SD card, so you can conserve images and videos. There are additionally integrated Wi-Fi, so you can stream the image to an iPhone or Android tool. There’s also a microphone!

The ATN OTS-HD 640 night-vision monocular is an effective electronic thermal-imaging device that can be used in total darkness without needing an infrared illuminator, making it a great option for seekers that need long-range night vision.

6. Firefield 5×50 Nightfall 2 – Best cheap night vision monocular

You must have the ability to get rid of your worry of the dark no matter what budget plan you have! The Firefield 5 × 50 Nightfall 2 is an excellent method to have the night without spending thousands and even thousands of dollars.

This Firefield is a fantastic optic for brand-new night vision users as well as those exploring night vision. Keep in mind this is a Gen 1 design, so the resolution on the acknowledgment array is reduced– and that gets doubled on reduced light nights.

If you maintain your expectations realistic, you’ll be quite pleased with Nightfall 2. Naturally, the much more light you have from the moon and also celebrities, the better. This night vision optic is easy, low-cost, effective, as well as fun. Perfect for the casual user.

7. Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular

Bushnell made their bones in the traditional optics market, but over time they’ve moved further and further into the technological market. The Equinox Z is their entry into the digital night vision monocular space, and they were able to make it affordable. Overall, this Bushnell night vision monocular is a compact and magnified unit.

During the day, it’s just a magnified monocular. At night, the IR kicks on and you can see the world around you! This optic can be mounted to a gun through a Picatinny rail attachment. It can also mount to a tripod.

The Equinox Z has a built-in IR Illuminator as well, and this creates a viewing distance of up to 500 feet. This Bushnell unit has fully multi-coated glass and rugged, water-resistant housing. The unit runs on 4 AA batteries and is clearer than it has a right to be. This is an impressive optic at a very hard to beat the price.

How Night Vision Monoculars Work

Night vision monoculars are single image tube designs that are lightweight and capable of creating a bright sight picture.

Night vision monoculars do this through image enhancement with the use of technology that amplifies both visible and invisible infrared light. This creates a sight picture that cuts through the darkness like a machete through the brush.

Night vision monoculars create a visible and bright sight picture that allows you to see, navigate, and surveil at your convenience, even in the darkest of nights.


One of the biggest considerations for choosing a monocular is the generation. Night vision technology typically spans three to four generations, and these are mainly based on internal intensifier. If you want a full rundown on the different generations, check our night vision gear guide.

Generation 1

Generation 1 monoculars and digital monoculars are the most affordable option. They are limited by their low effective range and lack of clarity. Generation 1 optics can be quite affordable if you want a hobbyist level of clarity.

For under 200 dollars you can get a plastic-cased kit that will serve you well as long as you are just casually observing, playing airsoft, or experimenting. These optics are not known for their weather or drop resistance.

Generation 2

Generation 2 optics represent a massive increase in the recognition and detection range of a monocular. They are also much clearer and at the same time affordable.

At Generation 2 you get into optics that are designed for serious use; many high-quality Gen 2+ models are used by law enforcement. The jump from Gen 1 to Gen 2 was the biggest in night vision technology yet.

Generation 2 optics can be both hobbyist and professional grade optics. Generation 2 monoculars are very capable devices that are often housed in aluminum and durable polymer housings for increased strength and weather resistance.

Generation 3

Generation 3 gives excellent clarity, recognition, and detection range but it all comes at a high price. It works much better in low light situations than the generations before them. These optics do everything pretty darn well.

If I wanted to use the night vision for security or for tactical applications, I won’t take anything less than a Generation 3 model.

I used a Gen 3 device in various conditions and situations throughout my Marine Corps career and found it to be a well-made and solid piece of gear. Because of their high price, these units are housed in strong (often weatherproof) housings.

Generation 4

Generation 4 optics are rare, and Gen 4 isn’t necessarily an official designation. The Generations come from military designations, and there has never been a Generation 4 optic declared by the military.

Gen 4 is a loose definition that typically means it uses a filmless and gated image intensifier. Gen 4 monoculars are somewhat rare as the technology hasn’t fully caught on. They are extremely expensive but work much better with magnification.

Considerations before buying a night vision monocular


1. Tactical and Hunting

If you are looking for a night vision monocular for hunting, tactical use, or to play airsoft, you need one that can be attached to a helmet or a HALO mounting system.

This allows you to use both hands or keep them on your weapon. It enables you to navigate the night with ease while utilizing your night vision device. When paired with an IR laser, they make it easy to take down a target.

You can always equip the monocular in front of your optic to aim, but it’s difficult to navigate in that way. A high-quality system needs to be clear enough for you to navigate what’s ahead of you so that you can avoid falling, tripping, and making yourself look like an idiot.

This means you’ll likely need a Gen 2 or Gen 3 device. An IR illuminator is advised for those nights where the moon is basically gone or those situations where you are hunting in heavy brush.

2. Observation and Surveillance

If you intend to use these systems to observe an area or target, it’s beneficial to be able to attach the monocular to a tripod. This is a serious consideration for any long-term viewing, as holding the device can quickly become bothersome.

For animal observation, you can get away with a simple Gen 1 device, but this is more for nature lovers than it is for hunters, who may need a more capable night vision device. Gen 1+ may work, but if I was a hunter, I’d consider a Gen 2 device.

For law enforcement and military surveillance, Gen 3 devices are optimum, but Gen 2 can work. With the price of Gen 3 optics, it’s difficult for many to afford them. If you are in private security, I’d advise a Gen 3 device as well, but if a Gen 2 is all you can afford, it will serve you well.

Auto-Gating Unit

An auto-gating unit is handy. It increases the overall function of a unit through a different degree of light. It immediately compensates for sudden bright light interference, like someone shining a headlamp on your eyes. This is invaluable.

It also prevents the night vision unit from being damaged by sudden bright lights. An auto-getting unit will be a high-end model, likely a Gen 3 device. Auto-gating is an invaluable feature for high-end optics and works well to protect your overall investment. Auto-gating is a feature that should be standard on any professional-grade optics.


Some tubes can accept a threaded magnifier adapter that can provide a small extra amount of power. This is handy for turning a wearable monocular into a more observable unit.

These magnifiers are often called doublers because they add a 2x level of magnification. To use a magnifier you need to have internal threading on your tube. Since most devices can utilize tripods, the presence of a magnifier is an excellent addition.

Video Feed

This is an exceptionally handy tool for those using their monocular as an observation device. This video output allows users to observe their target more comfortably. Looking at a screen is often more comfortable than looking through a small output.

It also gives multiple users an option to watch a screen and observe everything in real-time. There is also the ability to record, which for police forces is invaluable when it comes to evidence collection.

IR Illuminator

Another important consideration is your monocular’s compatibility with an IR Illuminator. Standard night vision devices are always compatible with actual IR light, but their compatibility with the external illuminator can be questionable.

Does your monocular allow for attachment to an external illuminator? Some night vision monoculars come with a built-in illuminator, which can make a massive range and clarity difference and can be absolutely necessary when using lower generation devices.

If you cannot mount an IR illuminator, there are some handheld options out there that give you a wide berth when it comes to size and power levels. With some the size of flashlights and others the size of small spotlights, you are covered regardless of the power level you need.

These can be quite handy for every role night vision is used for, and the lower quality the night vision, the more likely it will need an IR Illuminator.

Weight and Size

The weight and size of the monocular are incredibly important if you intend to use it with a head mount. A large unit is uncomfortable to wear, while a heavy one can cause strain to your neck and head. If you’re using a tripod, these factors are not major issues.

Concluding Thoughts

NV monoculars are one of the versatile options for night vision optics. They can be mounted behind a day scope, can be worn for natural movement, and can be used for surveillance and observation.

They are often the most affordable option for night vision because they are a single unit, unlike binoculars and goggles which require multiple tubes and lenses. If you intend to have a single night vision device, I recommend a monocular. If you are also interested in night vision binoculars, kindly check our other post: Best Digital Night Vision Binoculars Reviews 2020.

Anyway, if you have any order requests, kindly visit our official store, we will ship it in 48 hours. To learn more about hunting and outdoor news, kindly visit our Website or Facebook page. We promise to reply to your message as soon as possible, thanks for your reading.


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