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Top 5 Tips for Finding Hit List Bucks with WildGuarder Cellular Trail Cameras

Top 5 Tips for Finding Hit List Bucks with WildGuarder Cellular Trail Cameras

Could you feel it? Yep, that’s right. It’s the expectancy of your next trail camera card pull. It’s like Christmas in August. The food stories have been grown, the stands are being hung, you invest your night’s glassing for your following trophy buck, but the most amazing part of the pre-season is that mid-day card pull. Now is time to take your scouting to the following level with the certain trail camera ideas that help create your buck hit list. Trail cams are an essential tool to all hunters nowadays and also there are no better means to take supply on your deer herds than top-notch trail cameras like the WildGuarder Watcher1 or Watcher1-4G. Therefore, hunters need to recognize where to position these cams. Here are 5 certain fire trail camera areas to find and pattern your want list bucks for this loss!

1. The Edges of Food Plots

This time of year the deer have one point on their mind … FOOD! There is likewise no lack of it. Food plots and agricultural field edges are the best places to establish a WildGuarder Cellular Trail Camera. I favor either a soybean field or a clover plot as these are both preferred food resources during late summer for whitetail deer. The WildGuarder Cellular Trail Camera Watcher1-4G is an ideal tool because it includes a time-lapse function that allows you to develop a personalized duration for images in your food plot. My favored time to use this feature is before sundown because this is the time I generally invest hunting these types of food sources in the early season. A Cellular Trail Camera Watcher1-4G on the edge of a food story will certainly aid you to pattern a shooter buck for opening day!

2. Mineral Sites

Among my preferred areas to set a WildGuarder cellular trail camera up in the preseason is over a well-known deer mineral website. Greater than likely, your shooter buck has made use of a recognized mineral website several times over his life expectancy and he feels comfy using it. I have actually located that in most cases, bucks will certainly invest several mins at once at one mineral website, providing me with lots of pictures that I can utilize for the current year as well as years to find. Various kinds of deer minerals can work for your piece of residential property. Discover one that helps you and also laid out a WildGuarder cellular trail camera Watcher1-4G! You won’t be dissatisfied.


3. Entrance & Exit Routes to Known Bedding Areas

This technique might have really begun with some blog post-season scouting from last season. Numerous bucks tend to utilize the same bed linen areas every year, if in any way possible. Obviously, there will certainly be some bucks that transform their patterns, however, if you can situate where a certain deer is bedding, which way he is entering and also leaving the bed linens area, after that, you can discover a pattern you can deal with. The Watcher1-4G camera’s trigger speed is crucial to capturing mature bucks going into as well as leaving his bedding location. This can be a risky technique at times, you should make certain to not bump a buck out from his bed linens area. I recommend leaving this cam place unbothered for numerous weeks in-between card checks to leave as little human aroma as possible so the deer feel comfortable. If executed appropriately, you might simply find where your top hit-lister spends most of his time.

4. Deer Scrapes

Yes, scrapes. I know it’s not mid-October yet and no I am not getting ahead of myself. Over the years our WildGuarder Cellular Cameras have shown that particular bucks will use the same scrape year-round. Of course, most of the activity comes during the pre-rut period, but don’t count out old scrapes. If you can find a mature buck using a scrape in late summer, you know you’re in his home range and you just may have the ticket to a successful hunt this fall. I prefer the WildGuarder Watcher1-4G Cellular Camera 30’s Video Mode over these types of scrapes. One you can see which direction the buck approaches the scrape and two, who doesn’t love the awesome video of a velvet buck?! Scrapes are another fun and successful way to pattern big bucks!

5. Water Sources for Deer

Of course, I couldn’t leave out one of the most important if not THE most important for deer habitat…WATER. Obviously, deer have to have water to survive, and the summers across most of the country tend to be very hot and dry. This makes water sources an essential place to set out trail cameras during this time of the year. A Watcher1-4G over a watering hole, creek, or stream could be vital in patterning a mature buck. Deer will often leave bedding areas and food plots in search of water, making it a perfect place to hunt late in the evenings of the early season. If your hunting property does not have a water source, make one. Large tubs and even kids swimming pools can be made into a great tool in attracting whitetails to a water source. If you have a large water source such as a creek or river running through your property like I do, you may have better luck setting your camera over well-used deer trails leading to the water. This could help pinpoint your top hit-lister.


We all have our favorite tactics in patterning mature whitetails, but of course, all of the mines lead back to the Watcher1 series by WildGuarder. They are small, concealable, and reliable tools for patterning big bucks! Get your WildGuarder trail cameras today so you, too, can execute your favorite tactics and have your Muddy Moment this fall!

As always, please feel free to contact us on our Website or Facebook page if you have any questions. We promise to reply to your message as soon as possible, thanks for your reading.


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