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The Best Night Vision Monocular For Hunting – WildGuarder Guarder1

The Best Night Vision Monocular For Hunting – WildGuarder Guarder1

Ask any kind of self-respecting gearhead as well as they would be tough pushed to refute it: Night Vision technology simply might be one of the coolest points ever before.

We watched on the Hollywood as super-spies used NV to infiltrate the one in charge’ burrow. We saw photos of soldiers with hi-tech NV headsets navigating great smoky combat zones. We have actually traced the activity of the wild game via a digitally brightened night vision extent. Whatever the function, night vision modern technology has actually offered humans with a means to beat among our most old villains: darkness.

The best night vision monoculars take the very best of this technology as well as put it in a small, high-performance plan that is just as helpful for military operations as it is for large game searching.

We’re counting down the 7 Best Night Vision Monoculars, then we’re going to take a look at exactly what it takes for an item to make the listing.

7 Best Night Vision Monocular Reviews In 2021

1. Bushnell EQUINOX Z Digital Night Vision Monocular

best monocular night vision-1

The first thing we discovered concerning Bushnell’s EQUINOX Z night vision monocular was how huge it felt in our hands. This is not necessarily a negative thing as offers the synchronized feeling of sturdiness and integrity. It is definitely not also large for searching or distance travel, however, there are extra portable models available if the dimension is what you are worried concerning.

Excellent night time shade from this monocular, assumed the watching range on this, along with most of the other items on this checklist, is mosting likely to be significantly less than what was promoted. The image top quality is only crisp and also clear to around 50 feet and anything past that is hard to make out. This is par for the course for a monocular at this cost variety, so we are not counting it as a fault.

It was a wonderful surprise when we discovered that the EQUINOX Z is really capable of being powered using the mini-USB port on the side, permitting you to bypass the AA batteries if a power source is readily available or if you want to make use of a portable battery pack with even more power than just a pair of AAs.

If we have one recommendation for Bushnell, it is that they put in the time to reassess their button design and programming, as it is hardly instinctive on this model and it is necessary to take a seat as well as review the whole handbook to determine just how to function the fundamental functions. And also you recognize how we really feel regarding individuals that make us review!

Excellent daytime performance from this design. Aside from a somewhat sluggish focus handle that makes the EQUINOX Z less perfect for fast-paced activities like paintball, it’s a terrific well-rounded monocular with reputable efficiency.

2. Firefield FF24066 NIGHTFALL Night Vision Monocular

The best feature of the NIGHTFALL monocular by the engineers at Firefield is that they somehow determined a way to obtain their monocular to work on just 2 AA batteries, which is one of the smallest battery resources of all the products on our guide. This is definitely helpful for adventures when you don’t intend to be hauling several batteries out onto the route.

Nonetheless, the general picture efficiency may be the thing that the makers picked to give up for the minimized battery pull. While the image quality is fairly good at the recommended variety as well as there is an impressive absence of grain, the edges of the photo appear faded and rather “cut off,” making us wonder if we see the whole image or if the processor is having a hard time making it.

Overall though these jobs pretty well, and also the small size and also small nature contrasted to the rivals make this a superb choice for on-the-go adventurers and also hunters who have a few more miles to cover before nightfall.

The NIGHTFALL likewise seems to have some issues processing even distant light sources. A veranda light some distance away will likely be blinding with these. The IR light attracts attention quite certainly on the target end, making these a danger for some searching purposes.

3. WildGuarder Guarder1 digital night vision monocular

Designed to fit perfectly in one hand or a standard-size pocket, Guarder1 ensures a comfortable grip and handling, as well as easy carrying. The compact design also makes Guarder1 the perfect thermal imaging monocular for scouting and hunting

The GUARDER1 uses an infrared-sensitive CMOS sensor and a micro LCD screen for its night vision capabilities, A built-in IR illuminator provides an effective night vision range of up to 350M’. The screen displays color images during the day, and black and white when the night vision is on for great clarity and contrast.

High-quality lens materials, 5X digital zoom and 6X optical magnification, powerful telescope function. Built-in infrared LED,850NM Illuminator enable observe target is totally dark condition and the range up to 1150 ft/350m. Our 6x 50mm Equinox Z model allows for up to 1000 feet of viewing distance using the infrared illuminator assist beam.

Open the infrared system positioning the viewing target quickly, it can reach up to 350m when no light and distance can be extended when it is under weak light.

4. Bushnell NIGHT WATCH with Built-In Infrared Monocular

best monocular night vision-2

There is a reason that Bushnell has been an industry leader in optic technology for the outdoors for so many years. It’s because they’ve made it their quest to bring the best quality lens technology to the market in the most affordable way possible, meaning that even the casual outdoor enthusiast can enjoy the stunning capabilities of this technology.

The way it works is pretty straightforward. By projecting its infrared spotlight out into the night, it can produce an image that we just wouldn’t be able to see otherwise.

One thing that Bushnell tends to do very well is housed their optic technology in a stylish protective casing, and that is certainly what they did with the NIGHT WATCH. The armor is a durable rubber, both comfortable and non-slip capable. Overall, it feels like this little unit can take some damage before showing any wear or tear.

The image quality on this model is somewhat more blurry than even on other Bushnell products, leading us to wonder what it could be that would account for the difference.

This is a unit that certainly works better in absolute darkness. Otherwise, the image quality is just not up to snuff for a unit in this price range. For flat ranges and moonless nights, you’ve got yourself a pretty good generation one starter model here.

5. Night Owl Optics 5-Power NOXM50 Night Vision Monocular

best monocular night vision-3

The fact that optical manufacturer NIGHT OWL makes more than just monoculars is no surprise. Their optical technology has been put to use in security cameras and binoculars because of the advanced image processing they can facilitate.

The NOMXM50 represents the peak performance of a technology that was once the absolute cutting edge of night vision technology but now has become a better option for entry-level night vision products because of how affordable the components have become.

The infrared spotlight has an effective range of about 60 feet, which isn’t bad for a monocular in this price range.

One of the strange curiosities that came with this model was that we could not figure out how to charge the battery, and the information was not listed anywhere with the product package. Eventually, we figured it out (aren’t you proud?) and realized that you have to unscrew the IR light that is right behind the lens. The battery compartment is located behind that.

The biggest thing missing from this product is an eye shroud. Without it, a significant amount of light is escaping from around the view screen, which not only would appear extra bright for other NV users but could alert animals to your presence if you are hunting.

6. Solomark Night Vision Monocular

Infrared technology has its number of drawbacks, but when implemented properly it can provide quality nighttime vision at a fraction of the price of the more advanced light amplification technologies that are out there these days. Such is the case with Solomark’s Night Vision monocular, which is not only the most affordable binocular on our list, but it also happens to be one of the coolest without question.

To back up that last statement: this is the only monocular on our list that allows the capture of video files. While the video mode is perhaps not as advanced as it could be, for the price it is a unique feature that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

One immediate issue with the video technology is that the included 1GB Micro DS card is too small to perform at the levels required of this technology, so if you are considering going with the Solomarks, we highly recommend that you consider purchasing an upgraded SD card, something closer to a 32GB microSDHC UHS-I Card.

If we can be nitpicky about one thing, it would be the sensor cap, which seems way too loose for a product like this. Knowing us, we are going to lose it the first chance that we get! Overall this monocular offers great image resolution out to about 100 meters, which is close to the limit for what we have observed in this price range of night vision technology.

7. Sightmark Ghost Hunter 2×24 Night Vision Monocular

Because we were already familiar with Sightmark’s Proton 4.5x digital scope which we have used with air rifles, we were more than a little excited to see how the optics manufacturer’s GHOST HUNTER monocular would perform, especially considering its remarkably low price point.

First things first, this is Gen 1 NV technology, which means basic IR beaming and illumination. While the images produced are certainly brighter than they would be in the dark, you are not going to be getting anything like what NV looks like in the movies.

That isn’t to say that the GHOST HUNTER monocular isn’t a great product. It performs about as well as we would expect it to. No doubt it was the reduced price target that kept Sightmark from offering this model in anything greater than 2x magnification.

Personally, I could have gone with a “tighter” objective and eyepiece focusing knobs. As it stands they are both a little loose, which annoys as this makes it very easy to overshoot the intended focus position. If you are among the large population that is looking for an affordable entry into night vision technology, then this is the monocular for you. However, if you are a high-level tactician looking for unmatched performance, you might have to dig into your pockets and see what else you can come up with.

How Does Night Vision Technology Work

Don’t be ashamed if you are among the many people who are not totally sure how night vision technology manages to do the cool stuff that it does. We had to look it up ourselves. But it’s actually pretty interesting. To learn more information, kindly check our other blog: Understand How Night Vision Works.

The answer, to put it simply, is image amplification. Basically, this works by collecting very small particles of light and amplifying them to the point where the human eye can see them. While different products may utilize different variations on this technology, they all function on the same basic premise of capturing and amplifying light sources.

How Night Vision Works-1

Guide to Night Vision Generations

When you are shopping for night vision technology, you will likely come across the term “Generation.” When you see this in regards to NV, it refers to the different generations of night vision technology that are available to the consumer. Each generation (Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen 3, Gen 4) features a different kind of image intensifier tube.

The image intensifier tube is the most important part of night vision technology, and it has been developing by leaps and bounds over the years. However, instead of older technology becoming obsolete as it often happens in other industries, early generation NV tech is still in production because of its relative affordability.

Generation One

This is currently the most popular kind of NV technology on the market. It works to amplify the existing light by several thousand to produce a visible image. Gen 1 technology is usually the most affordable.

Generation Two

Generation 2 is primarily used by police and military professionals because it is significantly more expensive than Gen 1. The principal difference between Gen 1 and Gen 2 is that Gen 2 features the addition of a micro-channel plate (MCP) which is a somewhat expensive piece of electron amplification technology that creates an even brighter image.

best night vision scope-1

Generation Three

Generation three takes advantage of specially formulated chemical compounds that are added to the photocathode to increase sensitivity. These are not commonly seen in everyday life.

Generation Four

This is one of the biggest revolutions in NV technology since its inception, and many manufacturers and consumers alike are still catching up to exactly how this new technology works to create an image that is far brighter than anything we have been able to create before. It utilizes a process called “Gating” and is very effective for extremely low light situations.

In Conclusion

Can you imagine how much fun we had turned out all the lights to play with all these night vision monoculars? It was hard to not pretend that I was a member of special-forces, storming the palace of a faraway bad guy.

But NV technology is helpful for real life as well, not just fantasy. That’s why we have to recommend the WildGuarder Guarder1 as our favorite night vision monocular of 2021. After all, how is it possible to beat that kind of portability and versatility for under $300?

Of course, we are stunned by how affordable some of the NV technology has become. That’s why we can’t stop talking about the Sightmark GHOST HUNTER monocular, as it is dollars to doughnuts the best value of any night vision product on the market. If you are also interested in night vision binoculars, kindly check our other post: Best Digital Night Vision Binoculars Reviews 2020.

Anyway, if you have any order requests, kindly visit our official store, we will ship it in 48 hours. To learn more about hunting and outdoor news, kindly visit our Website or Facebook page. We promise to reply to your message as soon as possible, thanks for your reading.


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