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Late Season Mature Bucks Hunting with WildGuarder 4G Trail Cameras

Late Season Mature Bucks Hunting with WildGuarder 4G Trail Cameras

I’m staring at the display as I create this with an unfilled tag in my pocket. Nevertheless, I’m not ready to surrender on my imagine killing a Mature Buck before my period ends on December 31st. To do so I’ve reached change a few of my tactics. If you are in the very same watercraft as me after that take into consideration these Late-Season, Mature Buck Hunting techniques.

Discover The Cover

If your area is anything like mine then most every deer has actually been leaped, bumped, or contended by rifle hunters and aspiring bowhunters. And also, with the one thing that might bring a fully grown buck out of seclusion a remote memory (the rut), he likely obtained pushed deeper into cover. As if things weren’t hard enough already.

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Sure, some bucks may show their face in the middle of a micro-managed food story with a lot of shooting light but that isn’t the real world. The real world indicates like me you’ve taken on a lot or even more various other hunters all vying for the very same buck( s). As a result, the stress made that buck even warier.

The obvious move would certainly be to locate the hefty cover that is adjacent to your early season hunting areas as well as discover a suitable tree to hang a stand. There you just might discover the late-season mature buck you’re looking for.

One more option would certainly be to spend time the provides for simply a bit longer in the hopes that one of them may come into late estrus and draw a final buck in with her.

Deer Need Food – Find It

Gone is the allure of the opposite sex. Changing it is the need to make it through. That suggests food. Nonetheless, there is a likelihood that readily available food resources have changed considering that the rut began. Perhaps not. It depends upon the location you search (public, private) as well as the initiative took into additional food resources that will certainly expand during the late cold weather. More than likely you are hunting public land without any conveniently offered food source.

If that’s the situation then think about that some states permit baiting. Where legal, this can be a fatal technique for tempting out a rut-depleted buck that is aiming to acquire back the weight that was lost chasing after women during the rut. Don’t be ashamed to capitalize on that food resource even though some might look down on it. If it’s lawful then the choice needs to be totally approximately you.

Break Out The WildGuarder 4G Trail Cameras

Our latest 4G trail camera Watcher1-4G is one of the most popular cameras in the market. It has excellent performance that supports sending 30s HD video and 20MP original image, which is not available in the other cellular camera, that is why we highly recommend it to you.

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It is very easy to lose the emphasis on WildGuarder 4G trail camera usage throughout the chaotic weeks of the whitetail rut. Bucks are here today and gone tomorrow so capturing the image of one doesn’t necessarily mean he will certainly be there when you return. As a matter of fact, the probabilities are excellent that he won’t be. That’s simply the two-sided nature of the rut.

However, as the rut winds down as well as throws begin to fall back into a somewhat normal regular, searching WildGuarder 4G trail cameras come to be a far more crucial tool for you to utilize; specifically if glassing areas from a distance are not a choice.

Beginning by hanging WildGuarder 4G trail cameras near thickets in order to see which spots of heavy cover might be harboring a late-season fully grown buck. You can likewise hang multiple cams in different areas than you are hunting in order to cover as much real-estate as possible. Keep in mind, time is essential. You don’t have weeks and/or months to situate, precursor, as well as hunt an area. You need to figure out where the deer are and move in quick.

Doe bedding areas are additionally excellent locations. Tracking can sometimes lead you to the preferred late-season food resource. And also, as mentioned earlier, if you’re lucky among them may in fact enter estrus and reignite rut behavior from neighboring bucks.


Late season can be tough. However, with a little bit of scouting and trail camera use, you can quickly put some of the puzzle pieces together in order to hopefully your tag on a mature buck. Best of luck.

As always, please feel free to contact us on our Website or Facebook page if you have any questions. We promise to reply to your message as soon as possible, thanks for your reading.


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