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How to Prepare for the Whitetail Rut with WildGuarder Hunting Camera?

How to Prepare for the Whitetail Rut with WildGuarder Hunting Camera?

I understand it’s September, so why are we discussing the November whitetail rut? Good concern. It really comes down to getting points did while you have time to get points done. As well as while the majority of write-ups will focus on what to do during the rut, I’m mosting likely to review what you can do currently in order to be ready for every whitetail hunters’ favorite season.

Secure Your Vacation Days

Years ago I helped a firm that utilized more deer hunters than I can list on both hands. The only issue with that said was I was the low man on the ladder. Obviously when it came to my count on secure trip time the very best days to be in a stand were already gone. In essence, I was forced to search the earliest stages of the whitetail rut or the last stages after the initial reproduction had actually begun.

This created major headaches for me since I was made use of to searching throughout the prime days of the rut. Instead, I had to change my techniques in order to search the sign phase and also the seeking stages of the whitetail rut. If you are the low guy at the workplace when it involves ranking then you ought to be assuming right now how you are going to come close to the rut. Besides, you probably won’t get to hunt the “finest” days.

If you do take place to have the high-end of picking your days then currently is a good time to secure them with your manager. If you are not sure when the most effective days take place there are a couple of means to learn.

For beginners, you can constantly get the assistance of a local taxidermist. Why? Because they recognize (and also see) when the greatest bucks of the year hit the dirt and also can more than likely offer you an in-depth account of their busiest time of the whitetail rut.

Also, if you recognize an effective seeker in the location he/she might be willing to share their ideas on the most effective days to be afield during November. And finally, just call your state wildlife agency as well as they can inform you when the whitetail rut strikes its height for your area.

Knock Out The Honey-Do List

A number of years ago I was going after an actually nice buck for my location and also although I had safeguarded the vacation days to quest him I left out one essential detail – I hadn’t finished my “honey-do” list. Still, with a complete week of whitetail rut hunting gazing me in the face I figured what damage could appear of using one morning to get caught up on things I had assured my other half I would certainly do.

The morning I finally climbed up into my stand, as I was evaluating the photos from the SD card I had just drawn, I obtained my response. There, standing in all his splendor, was the very dollar I had been chasing after all year. The path camera had actually captured him walking by my stand at 15 backyards. I was sad.

Today, I make sure all of the things I guaranteed I would do are done long prior to November. In some cases, relying on the length of the list, I start the procedure in September. Doing so keeps me in the good graces of my partner and also keeps my taxidermist active.

Locate The Ladies

If you are lucky enough to have a few different hunting areas then now is a great time to start looking for the one thing that every buck on earth will be looking for come November… does.

Start by looking for preferred bedding and feeding locations. Then, find the favored travel routes between the two. The last step is choosing just the right tree along that route. And even though that sounds like elementary advice, you would be surprised at the number of hunters who simply approach the rut on a whim with no detailed plan.

WildGuarder Hunting Camera-2

Some hunters also make the mistake of finding a good concentration of does but then hunt the area right up through the rut naively expecting not to burn out the stand sight. That simply isn’t going to happen. To remedy this situation hunters should have specific stand sites set aside for filling the freezer and killing a buck during the whitetail rut.

Does, especially older, breeding class ones, are so in tune with their surroundings that repeated trips to your stand site will ultimately lead to educating them. Once that happens it is game over.

So, when you do find a good group of does do your best to leave them alone until the bucks are actively seeking them. When that happens, the does will put your target buck in front of you.

Utilize WildGuarder Hunting Camera

WildGuarder hunting camera is a great way to keep tabs on deer movement and can greatly aid in the decision to stay put or move on. However, unless you have a wireless model that sends images you’ve got to check your WildGuarder hunting camera frequently or you’ll miss the action.

WildGuarder Hunting Camera-1

Doe and buck movement can be sporadic at best during the rut so it pays to be mobile and moves at a moment’s notice. And don’t worry about disturbing a buck during this time either. Most are on a mission to find love and will be here today and gone tomorrow.

You can start prepping now by monitoring deer movement via WildGuarder that breaks down deer movement and tells you the best times to be in your stand. This can be a huge tool to utilize in order to monitor the doe movement. A lot of hunters think that it is only useful for tracking bucks. That’s a mistake. Remember, once the whitetail rut starts do will be the key.

Prepare For The Elements

The one thing about hunting during the whitetail rut is that the moment of truth can happen at any moment. Therefore, in order to increase your odds of filling your tag, it is imperative that you remain in the stand as long as you can. That means all day if you can handle it.

In order to do so, you have got to set yourself up for success by choosing the right equipment. Start with comfort. Choose your treestand and blind carefully. After all, you’re going to be spending a good deal of time on them.

In addition, reliable, warm clothing is a must when hunting the long cold days of November. Start now by investigating which items you will need in order to stay comfortable and warm for extended hours.


While the whitetail rut maybe a few months away that doesn’t mean it is too early to start thinking about it and most importantly preparing for it. Start now and by the time November rolls around you will be more than ready to fill your tag on a big, swollen-neck, rut-crazed buck.

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