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How To Hide A 4G Cellular Game Trail Camera From Humans

How To Hide A 4G Cellular Game Trail Camera From Humans

Trail cameras are fantastic for wildlife spotting or perhaps house protection. But an obvious trail camera is sadly vulnerable to theft or vandalism. Below’s how to hide a trail game camera from people.

Concealing a 4G cellular trail game camera from people is important to permit the cameras to serve their purpose of enjoying wild animals or securing your house or land. 2 factors to bear in mind: you must make the camera difficult to identify and also even tougher to steal. While this may seem obvious, it is simpler claimed than done.

Nevertheless, there are numerous methods to manage both of those purposes. Maintain reading for setup inspiration for your 4G cellular trail game camera.

Top 7 Tips To Hide Your 4G Cellular Game Trail Camera

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1. Elevate Your Trail Camera

Individuals do not tend to seek out as they stroll. This is particularly real when hiking through the woods, where irregular ground or low particles could journey you up or make strolling even more effort.

Put simply the trail cam at least 10 feet off the ground will certainly make it not likely that a person will certainly find it.

2. Camouflage Your Camera

To make your camera harder to identify, use the natural foliage around it. Usage branches and leaves that suit the trees around the spot where you install your electronic camera.

You may want to think about buying matching phony vegetation from a regional craft store, as genuine vegetation will die and transform brown or yellow. A dissimilar place of brushwood may draw attention, so utilize phony leaves and hot-glue them in place.

You can additionally make use of a camera or placing a box that features a camouflage pattern painted onto the package itself. For instance, the Campark Trail Cam has a camouflage pattern right out of the package. This can assist the camera blend in with the bark of the tree on which you are mounting it.

Nonetheless, you determine to camouflage your electronic camera, remember to maintain leaves and also other camouflage elements away from the lens of the camera.

Also, a little branch in the field of vision can cover a massive amount of readable area. A leaf that rustles with the wind might trigger the motion detection and also result in numerous vacant shots.

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3. Disguise Your Camera

Mounting your 4G cellular game camera inside another thing is a fantastic means to disguise the video camera. For example, if you are placing a cam on your residential or commercial property for house protection use, you could place it inside a birdfeeder. This could be especially reliable if you utilize an existing feeder that looks like it has actually been there a while.

Another option is to conceal the camera inside a fake rock or area it inside a tree stump. Use the natural environments as a camouflage. Remember that you require to position the camera where it will have a clear, unobstructed view of the area you want to check.

An exceptional human-made camouflage is a nesting box. Naturalists and researchers often install these boxes in wild areas to monitor neighborhood wild animals, so a nesting box could be the ideal area to mount and disguise your trail electronic camera.

4. Use No-Glow Cameras

In the middle of the day, a game camera will not require a flash to take good pictures. If invaders were courteous sufficient to the only attack during the daytime, this would be enough. For night photos, lots of video cameras use an LED flash or various other lights to get better pictures.

Sadly, that flash is a telltale sign that a game camera is present. Even if the camera is hard to find in the evening, a devoted trespasser might be influenced to make the effort to locate it as well as remove the SD card or ruin the camera totally.

Luckily, there are numerous electronic cameras offered that take pictures in the infrared variety in the evening, as well as thus do not create a glow detectable also by pets. These cams are extra expensive, however, as a benefit, are not likely to reveal their existence at night.

5. Place Them in Low-Traffic Areas

If you are installing your camera to monitor human movements, you want it to point at areas where people are likely to go. However, this does not mean the camera itself has to be in that high-traffic area. It just has to point at that area.

Find a place off the trail that would be difficult for people to reach. Humans are naturally inclined to take the easiest trail available, so finding a patch of bramble or cactus that is particularly difficult to access will make it very unlikely that anyone will discover your camera.

Making your camera difficult to access may even deter thieves or vandals who spot it. After all, if stealing your camera involves climbing a tree through thorny branches, they may decide to leave it alone even if they do spot it.

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6. Install Decoy Cameras

If you are concerned with people stealing or destroying your camera, you can consider using a decoy. Place an inexpensive camera (possibly even one that does not work at all) in a more obvious spot.

Then, mount the real camera, point it so that it can see the decoy, and hide it well. If thieves or vandals spot the decoy camera and destroy or steal it, they will be caught by the actual camera.

A decoy camera can be an expensive alternative, so if you decide to use a decoy, it is a good idea to find one that doesn’t cost much. The WoSports mini trail camera is an affordable option that could serve well as a decoy when paired with a higher-quality camera hidden nearby.

Of course, if you have been using trail cameras for a while, an excellent option is to use an old camera that no longer works.

Hang onto those old cameras even after they quit recording images. A thief will not know the camera is not working, and you can catch the person on film with the working camera pointed at the decoy.

7. Choose Sturdy Mounting Hardware

While the ultimate goal of hiding a trail camera is to make the camera difficult to spot, an enterprising or lucky person could still find it. For additional security, consider making the camera difficult to damage or remove even if it is found.

Several manufacturers make mounting boxes for trail cameras that are very difficult to damage or remove. This hardened case around the camera does not just protect it from hail and stray branches.

It means a thief would have to bring special tools to remove the camera. The odds are good that your trespasser will not come equipped with the kind of tools needed to dismantle a strong defense.

The mounting bracket itself should also be very secure. After all, if the thief can quickly take down the camera and dismantle it at leisure, it does not matter how secure the camera itself may be. Use locking brackets or other mounting hardware that is difficult to disassemble or damage.

You’ll want a decent trail camera or a GoPro on a long selfie stick if you were going to shoot a den full of rattlesnakes.

Choosing the right 4G cellular trail game camera for your needs

Now, you have known how to hide your trail camera. Having the right trail camera is very important as well, here is our top recommendation – WildGuarder Watcher1-4G Cellular Trail Game Camera.

WildGuarder Watcher1 is the newest version trail camera with outstanding technical parameters and quality. This hunting camera provides excellent pictures and full HD videos day and night due to powerful Infra-Red flash.

WildGuarder Watcher1-4G with its highly sensitive Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor, detects the sudden change of ambient temperature caused by moving game in a region of interest (ROI), triggers to take pictures/videos. Fifty-four LED 940nm makes the camera most outstanding on night picture quality, ideal for security and surveillance purposes.

Different positions of the screen to avoid erosion from battery leakage and potential damage from the camera being accidentally dropped during installation. 5M/8M/12M/20Mega pixel high-quality resolution. 1440 x 1080 / 1280 x 720 / 640×480 VGA format HD video with audio.

With a programmable trigger interval and a multi-shot feature, you are guaranteed to never miss any of the motions. Moreover, it supports sending 30s HD video and 20MP images, which is not available in other cellular cameras. Anyway, this one is smart to buy.

Python Cable Lock for Trail Cameras

Even if you do your best to conceal your 4G cellular trail game camera, it might still be spotted. To keep thieves from walking away with your camera and footage, you might consider a Python cable lock for your trail cameras.

Python cable locks have a cinching locking mechanism that will secure at any position – from 1 to 6 feet. This helps keeps your trail camera secure – even if it’s spotted by someone on the trail.

They come in multi-packs – from 2 to 24 units. Each lock is keyed the same in the whole set. So one key will unlock them all.

The lock head has a camouflaged finish to help it blend in even more.

Of course, there is no cable strong enough to resist the most determined thief. But this cable will be a deterrent to most opportunistic criminals.

A well-hidden trail camera will be difficult to spot.

In Conclusion

And that’s how to hide a 4G cellular trail game camera from humans. If you are serious about hiding your trail camera from other humans, it is worth using multiple suggestions from the list above.

Hide the camera with fake foliage, place it ten feet above the ground inside a hardened lockbox, and point it at a decoy camera. Combining your methods for making the camera hard to spot and hard to steal will help you keep your camera secure and working for a long time.

To learn more about cellular trail cam news, kindly check our other blogs: How 4G Cellular Trail Cameras Work. By the way, if you have any order requests, kindly visit our official store, we will ship it in 48 hours. To learn more about hunting and outdoor news, kindly visit our Website or Facebook page. We promise to reply to your message as soon as possible, thanks for your reading.


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