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4G Game Camera Tips 2021 – WildGuarder Watcher1-4G Cellualr Trail Cameras

4G Game Camera Tips 2021 – WildGuarder Watcher1-4G Cellualr Trail Cameras

4G Game Camera are those cameras that use 4G cellular network to transmit data, with the purpose to monitor the activities of wildlife in hunting spots.

These cellular hunting cameras require specific networks to transmit data. That is to say, you need cellular trail cameras data plans (SIM cards for security cameras) before application.

Most 4G Game cameras are equipped with sensitive sensors for motion detection to capture every significant motion. Once motions are detected, cellular-capable trail cameras record images and send immediate notifications to you by phone or email.

Normally, 4G Game camera are installed in an outdoor environment. It will be impractical to use power adapters and route cables for power supply. As a result, cellular trail game cameras are mostly wire-free and they are mainly battery-powered and solar-powered.

Though usually 4G Game cameras are applied in hunting spots, they can act as cellular trail cameras for security use after hunting seasons.

4G game cameras can be easily set up in most natural spaces, as well as buildings and other structures. They can also be used as a part of a security system, especially in more rural and isolated areas that normally can’t be covered.

So what are 4G game cameras? Well, working with the trail cameras greatest strength—recording in harder-to-reach and isolated places—cellular cameras add the extra benefit of accessing any captured photographs and video via network transmission.

Being able to view and download your footage is an incredibly useful feature to have in a trail camera.

For those using trail cams in remote or potentially dangerous locales, network connectivity means the camera’s storage can be checked from a different location, saving time and adding a lot of conveniences.

But what exactly makes a good trail cellular trail camera? Is it the same as your regular kind of trail cam? Do you really need one?

How a cellular trail camera works is simply combining the technology of cellular phones, with a trail camera. Once a trail camera takes a photo, using cellular transmission from a wireless provider, will send you the thumbnails to your cell phone, allowing you to view and download it directly to your device.

Trail Camera’s Cellular Transmission
Cellular trail cameras are a two way cellular communication device that requires both an inbound signal and an out bound signal. These signals are predicated on having signal strength, which is a combination of proximity to the nearest cell tower and the impediments between those towers and the camera.

4G Trail Camera Buying Guide 2021 - WildGuarder 4G Game Camera 1

The same way your cell phone works, cellular trail cameras use radio waves to communicate with cell towers. These radio waves are used to transmit data using electromagnetic fields. Those airwaves carry your information from your camera to a cellular tower, and then transfer that information using the same process to your phone or computer.

Cellular trail cameras require having both an inbound and outbound signal in order to transmit photos, but do not require having cellular signal to work. Without signal, a cellular camera works and functions the same way a traditional trail camera would; taking pictures and video and saving them to an SD card.

SIM Cards In Your Trail Camera
In today’s market all cellular trail cameras use Global system for mobile (GSM). With GSM devices, in order to carry out transmissions from the device to the cell tower, they require what is known as a subscriber identity module (SIM card).

A SIM card is just a small electronic card that is inserted into your camera, that holds data such as user identity, stored data, and location, and is used to authorize the use of a wireless providers network. All cellular trail cameras come with the SIM card already loaded into the device, but you will have to activate the card with the wireless provider before you are able to use it.

Once your trail camera takes a picture, it will send a thumbnail of that picture to your phone. That thumbnail is not a full resolution image, and in most cases will cost you extra money to download the full image. The thumbnails essentially give you a snap shot of what is happening at your camera location.

Cellular trail cameras still work in the same fashion a standard camera does. Every photo taken is saved on the SD card, so if the extra cost of downloading a full resolution image doesn’t seem necessary at that moment, you can still get the image later on when you retrieve the SD card.

4G Trail Camera Buying Guide 2021 - WildGuarder 4G Game Camera 2

Trail Camera Specific Apps
All cellular trail camera manufacturers have created apps, to allow the retrieval of photos much easier to manage. The apps are free and simple to download through the Apple istore, or through google play. With the apps you can not only manage the incoming photos and videos, but you can change settings, keep an eye on battery levels, and even overwrite the SD card if you so choose.

Now let’s check it out of the WildGuarder 4G game camera Watcher1-4G.

Best 4G Game Camera Hunting Game Gamera 2020 – WildGuarder Watcher1-4G

4G Trail Camera, also known as 4G hunting camera,4G game camera.  The 4G trail camera that use a mobile network to send photos and HD video to a seeing device, so you need to consider different information plans when selecting your electronic camera.

Nonetheless, there are possible issues that interested customers must think about. Besides the manner in which they send information, cordless path cams all work in similarly as various other 4G hunting camera.

Allow’s examine what makes a 4G trail camera a great selection for some, after that we’ll mention some of their feasible detraction so you can find the most effective cordless route camera. Keep in mind that cordless path electronic cameras will have the exact same vital attributes as various other trail video cameras. Features such as flash variety, cam setups, HD video clip, and also trigger rate are very important also.

Best 4G Trail Camera Hunting Game Gamera 2020 - WildGuarder Watcher1-4G 1

The WildGuarder Watcher1-4G is the 2020 best 4G trail camera for the money. This 4G cellular model supports sending up to 20MP original size image & 30MB 1080P Full HD video via SMTP & FTP function, namely you can receive  & watch the quality full-size picture & FHD video on your mobile phone.

The Watcher1-4G 4G trail camera application for hunting, house farm security, wildlife scouting, animal research, etc…

Below are the main features of the 2020 best 4G trail camera WildGuarder Watcher1-4G.

The WildGuarder is a professional hunting equipment designer & manufacturer, we are focus on providing the best hunting gear & quality customers service for the global customers. If you are looking for a night vision device, 4G trail camera / 4G hunting camera, rangefinder, bow sight range finder, please feel free to visit our official store for further information.


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